destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now!
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It all begins with awareness.

destressifying is not simply another book about meditation. I already wrote that book—it’s called Secrets of Meditation. It’s now translated into 12 languages and has even won awards (hopefully you’ve read it). And while mastering your awareness is an important building block in the foundation of destressifying, meditation is only one component. It’s the tool for setting the table for all that is to come. But more important, it’s what you unfold in your life outside of meditation, when your eyes are wide open and you’re back here with the rest of us—what you think, what you say, how you live, and what you do in the face of stress—that determines the fabric of your existence!

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destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now! destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now! destressifying in stores now!

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destressifying in stores now!

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When they go low... We go low tide!!!

Join me & @peaches_the_buddha_princess for a FB Live!!!! Meditation Class & Ocean Meditation At 7amPT!!! Monday morning on the Secret Beach!!!

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The filter is kelvin. The moment is MOKSHA!!!!

Pure liberation... RELEASE... emotional FREEDOM!!! 🗽🗽🗽

And why not???? It’s Bastille Day. (& @mindfulskatergirl ‘s & Megan Monahan ‘s birthday!!!🧘🏻‍♀️🎁🕉🎂🏄🏻‍♀️) This is the day we tear down the walls that imprison ...
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A key to cultivating TRUST in your life is accepting that what’s best for the Universe will ultimately be best for you. That’s the Sacred Power of Trust in a nutshell. Set your intentions accordingly. When your heart & the ...
We’ve reserved the entire resort, so you will feel safe, taken care of, and spend each day rejuvenating your body,… 0 8 @davidji_com
Spiritual Awakening in the Mexican Riviera – davidji Meditation Academy
We’ve reserved the entire resort, so you will feel safe, taken care of, and spend each day rejuvenating your body, mind, heart & soul. You will bask in the warmth of the rejuvenating gentle waters where the Caribbean Sea meets ...
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Grooming Day!!!! When peaches looked in the mirror this morning, she whispered “you’re beautiful!” “you’re doing a great job!” and “I love you!”

If you’re not feelin it right now... gaze into her eyes and receive the love of ...
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Consciousness surfing!!!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT SURRENDER!!!
That thin line in your meditation when you’re not really in waking state and your not really in the gap - just floating. About to merge into stillness & silence!!
It’s like ...
Have you ever asked yourself the age old question:
“Who am I & Why am I here?”
Awakening Your Inner Healer is designed to ignite that exact type of introspection and self-reflection.
In this 4-day workshop we will dive deep ...
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Yup! Here in the SweetSpot it’s always the Dog Days of Summer!!

But this week, sweet mama O has been warm enough for @peaches_the_buddha_princess to swim in!!!!!
Now remember - she’s a morkie - so she doesn’t have fur... ...
Follow the path of least resistance. Keep flowing.

Learn the 3 keys to acceptance with my newest video on YouTube:

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More than ten years ago, when I was the Dean of Chopra Center University, I developed a meditation tool known as the 21-Day Meditation Challenge. Thousands around the world meditated with me every day for 3 weeks. Over the next ...
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We could all benefit by awakening more Shakti in our life.

Divine Feminine energy seeks creative solutions; nourishes unconditionally; patiently listens before speaking; is established in yogastha; ripples empathy & compassion - sensitivity & intuition; is infinitely flexible - never ...
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Laughing and smiling are present moment experiences. Take a moment right now to smile. You can force it, watch a funny video, reminisce about a happy memory, or laugh with a friend.
I dare you to experience the present moment ...
Are you stressed? Do you have high blood pressure? Do you struggle with depression? Do you experience chronic pain?

Meditation is scientifically proven to totally transform your mind, body and spirit. It lowers blood pressure, reduces depression, lowers stress, reduces ...
MOKSHA!!! May the 4th be with you!!!!!
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Hello Spiritual Warrior!!!! Join me tomorrow JULY 4th in our private FB meditation group Everything You Need to Kno… 1 12 @davidji_com
In that space between thoughts... between breaths... between your words... between your actions... you are uncondit… 3 10 @davidji_com
Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose the one re… 3 9 @davidji_com
We’ve reserved the entire resort, so you will feel safe, taken care of, and spend each day rejuvenating your body,… 1 5 @davidji_com
Hi Everyone!!!! Join me today for a pop-up meditation class & some sweet time in stillness & silence at 11:30amPT :… 1 9 @davidji_com
Instantly Become Your Most Powerful Self with This Technique: via @YouTube 1 6 @davidji_com
Instantly Become Your Most Powerful Self with This Technique
Welcome to video 3!!! How's your meditation practice evolving after watching the last two videos? Your next free training video is here! And this is one of my favorites…

You’ll instantly awaken the most powerful version of yourself, anytime and ...
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Three Core Levels of Acceptance
Interested in learning more about my new online course? Click here:

Youtube channel:

Instagram: @davidji meditation

For business inquiries:
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(Free Video 2) Remove Your Barriers to Love in Just 10 Minutes
I'm excited to share today's new video with you. Did you like the first free training video on the 2 techniques for people who find it hard to meditate? I hope so!

Now, we’re going to take things up a ...
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(Video 1 of My FREE Training Series) 2 Key Techniques for People who Find it...
Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

Are you ready?! Today is the day you start to easily transform yourself — and your life — through the power of meditation…

The FREE Meditation Training I created for you is finally here!

In Everything You ...
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