destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now!
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It all begins with awareness.

destressifying is not simply another book about meditation. I already wrote that book—it’s called Secrets of Meditation. It’s now translated into 12 languages and has even won awards (hopefully you’ve read it). And while mastering your awareness is an important building block in the foundation of destressifying, meditation is only one component. It’s the tool for setting the table for all that is to come. But more important, it’s what you unfold in your life outside of meditation, when your eyes are wide open and you’re back here with the rest of us—what you think, what you say, how you live, and what you do in the face of stress—that determines the fabric of your existence!

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destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now! destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now! destressifying in stores now!

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destressifying in stores now!

Celebrate the launch of my new book with me at unplug meditation Tuesday night! We'll meditate together, you'll learn my top tips for awakening transformation, and you get to mingle with the unplug community! Click the link for deets.
WILL ...
Expansion of awareness is one thing. Creating a daily practice that engages and encourages us to be more self-aware moment by moment resulting in liberation is EVERYTHING” – Libby

Meditated & Liberated | Jan. 17-21, 2018 | San Diego, CA

Each of us has the ability to raise our vibration, flow that energy out into the world, and live a truly magnificent life. But as we move throughout the day, stubbing our toes, taking things personally, holding onto grievances, feeling ...
Destressifying: The RealWorld Guide To Personal Empowerment Lasting Fulfillment And Peace Of Mind PDF… 0 0 @bookslibland
Join the me for an inspiring book talk, learn my top tips for awakening transformation, and mingle with the unplug community during my book signing. This event is the same day the book releases, so you will be some of ...
Mala, Prayer & Meditation Beads - davidji
Mala beads have been used for centuries in Hindu & Buddhist prayer, and in general meditation practices. They are traditionally made from rudraksha seeds, but can also be created from sacred gems such as rose quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye, and ...
Meeting our own needs is more important than you think. Destressifying by Mastering Your Needs 0 0 @LadyPotions4u
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Yogastha Kuru Karmani -- Establish yourself in the present moment, then perform action.
Enjoy this limited edition, 100% sterling silver, one-of-a-kind bracelet engraved with “Yogastha Kuru Karmani”. Use this custom piece of davidji jewelry as pattern interrupt to establish yourself ...
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Peaches Teaches: plant seeds of love at sunrise, and you’ll harvest them all day long! #peachesteaches #sacredpowers #ahambrahmasmibaby #meditationsaveslives #meditatewithdavidji #sunrisemeditation #peachesthebuddhaprincess #davidji #meditatewithme #adoptyournextpet #larescue #mindfulmorkie #seedsoflove
LIVE! from the Sweetspot on Hay House Radio
Thank you for joining me for LIVE! guided meditation on Hay House Radio to kick off the show!!! Click here to listen to the show in it's entirety >>
davidji was live.
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It's Hay House Radio day!!! Join me and Peaches - the buddha princess for an enlightening discussion on Establishing Your Sacred Rituals. Many of us have specific rituals that we do each morning. Some of us practice yoga, pray, or ...
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Pearl Harbor Day - remembering & honoring the 2,403 lives that perished that day in Honolulu in 1941 & the birthday of my two greatest archetypes - my dad Jayji & Dr. David Simon. Let’s celebrate life!! #pearlharbor #ussarizonamemorial #archetypes ...
Join Meditated & Liberated as they merge their divine Shiva and Shakti energy for a transformative 5-day experience in beautiful San Diego, CA!
Enroll today to receive 30% off of tuition
#sacredenergy #shiva #shakti #meditatedandliberated #awakenyoursacredpowers #thetimeisnow
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@peaches_the_buddha_princess after awakening her third eye using the divine principles in my new book “That was a deep dive meditation dad! I saw colors!!!!” #ahambrahmasmibaby #meditationsaveslives #meditatewithdavidji #peachesteaches #presentmoment #medhead #sacredpowers
Today, more than ever, we wake up realizing how much we are co-creating our existence, and more importantly how much is within our power to change it. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, your life is unfolding according ...
December 12th is the world premier of Sacred Powers!!!

Each step on the path will unfold eternal truths to guide you on a lifelong journey of clarity and connection, expansion and abundance, love and happiness, courage and confidence, and passion ...
Seating is limited and it's almost full! RSVP:
Hay House
Join me and the Hay House staff NOW for LIVE! guided meditation at the Hay House headquarters!!!
Take a few minutes with davidji and Hay House employees to release any tension from the Holiday stress.
davidji shared Hay House's live ...

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