destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now!
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It all begins with awareness.

destressifying is not simply another book about meditation. I already wrote that book—it’s called Secrets of Meditation. It’s now translated into 12 languages and has even won awards (hopefully you’ve read it). And while mastering your awareness is an important building block in the foundation of destressifying, meditation is only one component. It’s the tool for setting the table for all that is to come. But more important, it’s what you unfold in your life outside of meditation, when your eyes are wide open and you’re back here with the rest of us—what you think, what you say, how you live, and what you do in the face of stress—that determines the fabric of your existence!

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destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now! destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now! destressifying in stores now!

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destressifying in stores now!

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Meet Davidji of Davidji Meditation in Carlsbad
Meet Davidji of Davidji Meditation in Carlsbad davidji
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