destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now!
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It all begins with awareness.

destressifying is not simply another book about meditation. I already wrote that book—it’s called Secrets of Meditation. It’s now translated into 12 languages and has even won awards (hopefully you’ve read it). And while mastering your awareness is an important building block in the foundation of destressifying, meditation is only one component. It’s the tool for setting the table for all that is to come. But more important, it’s what you unfold in your life outside of meditation, when your eyes are wide open and you’re back here with the rest of us—what you think, what you say, how you live, and what you do in the face of stress—that determines the fabric of your existence!

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destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now! destressifying in stores now!
destressifying in stores now! destressifying in stores now!

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destressifying in stores now!

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15 Minute Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing // Self-Healing Meditation | davidji
“I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”  ―Oscar Wilde

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Happy New Year to you, Spiritual Warrior!!!

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Tonight will be the most pleasing sleep you have ever had thanks to the best guided meditation for sleep and manifestation. Begin your evening ritual right now by joining me for this 20 minute guided meditation for sleep and manifestation.

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You Are Not Your Thoughts, Thoughts Are Not Reality | davidji
You are more than your thoughts, and oftentimes, thoughts tend to mislead us. A snake mistaken for a rope, or a rope mistaken for a snake can lead to dire results. Sometimes a fresh perspective from a third party is ... davidji meditation
15 Minute Guided Meditation to Connect with Your Divine Intuition - Sleep Meditation | davidji
"Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature." ―Amit Ray

You were born pure, whole, and perfect, yet somewhere along the way, after years of conditioning, possible trauma, and other life circumstances, we begin to forget ...
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Who is your archetype? These archetypes help you to self-actualize | davidji
Who do you admire? Who is your archetype?
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15 Minute Guided Meditation to Balance Your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine | davidji
Hello Spiritual Warrior, today we will be exploring the divine feminine and divine masculine within all of us. Where you were born male or female, we all have both of these energies. This 15 minute guided meditation will allow you ... davidji meditation
The power of letting go what no longer serves you - Easy tips! | davidji
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20 minute guided meditation to release negative energy and end suffering (Buddhism) | davidji
In this 20 minute guided meditation, you will release negative energy and suffering. Buddhist philosophy teaches that dukkha (or suffering) is pervasive all throughout life. We cannot escape suffering - changes happen, negative energy comes up, and tough emotions are ... davidji meditation
Rest In Peace: The GENIUS & HEART of Michael K. Williams via @YouTube #nodoubt 2 4 @davidji_com
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start with the TRUTH - you were born whole, and perfect, and pure - & you have been placed here to flow love, to re… 2 8 @davidji_com
Learn the art of meditation while creating a powerful 21-day practice. If ever there was a time to get centered and consolidate one's personal power, this is it! CLICK THE LINK TO JOIN

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Sometimes we go through phases of indecision, confusion, and feeling unsure about the next phase of our lives. This video will share about how getting still can allow you to flow with the rhythm of the Universe and come to ... davidji meditation
20 Minute Meditation for Opening CHAKRAS - Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra Healing 💛 | davidji
So, what inspires you? Is it family, your work, friends, art, social justice, peace on earth, sustainable practices? What is it that awakens you heart? What stokes the burning fire within you?

If you are feeling stuck or uninspired where ...
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GENERAL HOSPITAL's Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey Share Their 'Life-Changing' Vacation — See the Pics!
GENERAL HOSPITAL's Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey Share Their 'Life-Changing' Vacation — See the Pics! davidji
If you are at a crossroads or just not feeling fulfilled by your current situation,...
If you are at a crossroads or just not feeling fulfilled by your current situation, it is time to reconnect with your most authentic self. Awakening your Sacred Powers, connecting to your core values & perceiving reality through your most ... davidji
March 24, 2018 | Soul Hum Studio | Sherman Oaks, CA | $50 The Five...
March 24, 2018 | Soul Hum Studio | Sherman Oaks, CA | $50 The Five Secrets to Personal Transformation with davidji In every moment, you have the ability to make the most brilliant choice – the one that will align ... davidji

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